Communication Breakdown

The aim of this series is to breakdown individual games that highlight a teams breakdown in communication. Whilst these teams are traditionally ranked lower in their representative leagues, we have also seen teams that are considered upper tier have moments where everything just falls apart. The key focus of this series will be identifying how to tell a breakdown in communication has occurred, and the impact it has both immediately and on the overall outcome.

These breakdowns can result from a number of issues, with the most commonly cited being language barriers. With Korean imports remaining a common choice for those teams  that are looking to fill out a position, we currently see a reasonable amount of mixed language teams placed under pressure to perform, partly to justify trading communication for potential talent.

However language barriers are not the sole cause of a teams inability to communicate, each player must also be willing to vocalise their current position, opponents position, and how much they can influence the game. As an example, imagine that you are jungling for a professional team and your botlane is highly vocal, identifying summoners spells down, dragon opportunities, and whether they require help or not. If your other lanes are not equally as vocal it becomes difficult to ascertain how much time and resources they require, such as if your toplaner doesn’t vocalise he is strong enough to dive his lane then you may not be aware, and miss out on that opportunity to create an advantage.

Ultimately this series looks to identify cause, immediate impact, long term impact and whether language barrier is really an excuse for their failure to communicate.

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