The Prediction Addiction – G2 vs H2K

Thursday – G2 Esports vs H2K

Today we will be looking at the upcoming match-up between G2 and H2k, and more specifically the midlane battle between Perkz and Febiven.


Our returning man in the midlane coming in with an overall game score of 8-2 and undefeated in a series, features Perkz. G2 ended last week having won all their games, taking a 2-0 over Giants. Over the course of the weekend we saw Perkz play 2 different champions, and rack up a total KDA of 5/4/9.

Perkz weekend stats.jpg

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Since we last looked at his performance 2 weeks ago, Perkz has shown a slightly better early laning phase in the series against Roccat, now only averaging -106 gold and +18xp at the 10 minute mark.

Perkz week 2-3 comparison.jpg

Here we can see that Perkz was able to lane well against Betsy, reducing his overall gold deficit and actually boosting his xp differential into the positive. He did see a minor drop in cs difference, down from +2.0 to +1.1, but the overall improvement is definitely notable.

Whilst post 15 minutes we begin to see Perkz numbers start to normalise, as his overall damage share drops to 27.2% and an overall DPM of 536. Despite this his overall share of gold post 15 has risen to 28% which saw his overall cs per minute also rise to 9.2. This fall in overall damage numbers isn’t overly concerning as we saw him play Ryze and Ekko, two champions that deal most of their damage in skirmishes and teamfights rather than the more poke heavy champions such as Corki/Taliyah or late game monsters such as Cassiopeia. Due to this Perkz now ranks 4th and 3rd in DPM and percentage of team damage respectively.

Perkz did however spend a lot of time getting caught out on Ryze during his second game last week, something that could potentially be punished by a stronger team than Giants. And whilst he was able to scale up and contribute to those late-game teamfights that we expect Ryze to dominant, giving up needless kills should always be avoided.


Coming in with a game score of 7-3, and overall series score of 3-1, we see H2K look like possible contenders to challenge the current dominance of G2. And of all the midlaners to do so Febiven is looking like the most likely to lead that victory from the midlane. Over the course of last weekend we saw him return to the Viktor pick, before winning back-to-back games on Corki racking up a KDA of 13/7/16 in his 2-1 victory over Vitality.

Febiven weekend stats.jpg

Where Febiven really shows his advantage is during the laning phase, where he tops the charts for stats at 10 minutes, boasting a whooping +222 gold, +224 xp and +7.9cs advantage over his lane opponent and dealing a massive 602 DPM.

Febiven stats @10.jpg

This output of damage is partly due to Febiven’s recent champion pool, playing 3 games of Corki plus a Jayce and Cassiopeia game. These champs form heavy poke compositions, wit the exception of Cassiopeia who acts as a late game hypercarry.

Despite his high output of damage we see that Febiven only deals 25.8% of his teams total damage on average, actually placing him 5th in terms of EULCS midlaners. Whilst this might suggest that Febiven struggles to translate his advantage into the mid-late game, we can see that both Odoamne and Jankos play fairly high damage dealers as well.

H2K damage comps.jpg

Comparison of Perkz and Febiven

Perkz Febiven comparison.jpg

Despite Perkz making improvement towards stabilising his laning phase, I expect Febiven to be able to continue his overall dominance and head into the post 10 minute mark with a sizeable advantage. At this point in the game it’s difficult to treat the midlane as a vacuum, and each midlaners performance very much depends on the current state of the map at that time. However the priority for Febiven on those heavy poke champions means that I expect him to be able to deal consistent amounts of damage whether his overall team is ahead or behind, whereas Perkz playing for more teamfight oriented champions may find it difficult to contribute once behind.


Ultimately I expect Febiven to push his lane advantage and I think how he extends that to the rest of the map will be crucial, and I am particularly looking for him to influence the botlane match-up if he gets his hands on the Corki pick as G2 is definitely favoured for that 2v2 match-up. Because of this difference in style I also expect Corki to be a heavy priority, either for G2 to ban or for H2K to first-pick. Based on the midlane match-up alone I would expect H2K to win, but if G2 are able to pick their teamfights then I fully expect Perkz to outperform his counterpart.

An overall prediction is difficult, as G2 have looked very dominant and H2K have somewhat of a reputation for unfortunate shotcalling. I think it’s going to be a very close series, but I predict H2K to win 2-1 based on that midlane match-up.

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