The Prediction Addiction – SPY vs UOL

Thursday – Splyce vs Unicorns of Love.

Today I will be looking at the Splyce vs Unicorns of Love match-up, specifically focusing on the top half of the map where we will see Wunder/Trashy play off against Vizicsacsi/Xerxe. Both of these teams come in with some serious momentum, Splyce having previously bulldozed their way through a rather apathetic Vitality, winning both of their previous games last week and UOL coming in with a 3-0 winstreak.


During Splyce’s last series, it was Wunder that really impressed me, going a combined 6/0/12 over the 2 games, and  ranking 2nd and 1st in damage dealt respectively, whilst playing Shen and Nautilus.


Wunder also has a 68.3% kill participation over the 2 weeks which places him 3rd amongst EU toplaners, although it should be noted that he has only played 4 games, which may account for a slightly inflated score. The real test for Wunder this week will be whether he can withstand the pressure from Vizicsacsi who ranks 3rd in cs differential at 10 minutes, and also tops the charts in terms of kill participation.


The graph above really highlights the difference in laning between the two, whilst we are still early in the split, we can already see Vizicsacsi outperforming Wunder in the first 10 minutes of the game. Generating a significant gold lead and outfarming his lane opponent.

During the top lane match-up I would expect Shen to be the most contested pick, potentially seeing it either banned by Splyce, or left open in order for Wunder to counter-pick. Whilst I don’t expect to see Wunder return to the Kled pick, Renekton has been making a resurgence, being played in the LCK by Marin, and so it will be interesting to see whether he opts into a more lane dominant champion to try and pressure out Vizicsacsi.


One of the key areas that I expect Splyce to exploit will be the jungle match-up, as a closer look indicates that Xerxe’s early game could potentially be exploited.


The graph above highlights the difference in early game between the two junglers, with Trashy generating more gold and xp in the early game, whilst Xerxe has the lowest gold difference at 10 minutes amongst all junglers. This match-up will really test whether Trashy can convert his early game leads into snowballing his lanes and taking objective control. I also expect Splyce to prioritise Rengar, having picked him in both their games against Vitality last week, and to take away the Ivern pick that Xerxe has been having success with.

However if Trashy is unable to convert this early advantage, Xerxe has the lowest death count for junglers and ranks 3rd in kill participation, showing that he is able to facilitate the mid-late game teamfighting that the Unicorns are currently known for.



Looking at the top lane match-up, I have to give the advantage to Vizicsacsi who has been looking on top form during lane, TP plays across map and late game teamfighting. Whilst I think Wunder will perform during teamfights, the difficult laning phase for him means that he will be at a deficit from quite an early stage. However if Splyce are going to take a game from the Unicorns it will be in part due to Wunder being able to match Vizicsacsi in lane, and keeping up with him in mid-late game relevance.

The jungle match-up I predict the early game to be in the favour of Trashy, with a big question mark as to how he can convert the lead he generates. If he can convert his own lead into a team advantage and snowball from there, we have seen Splyce being able to close out with a lead. If Trashy falls behind or doesn’t convert his lead, then I think the superior teamfighting from Xerxe and UOL as a whole will simply bleed out Splyce during the mid-late game.

Whilst I think Splyce may be able to take a game if Trashy performs, and their lanes hold out, I just don’t think that they can generate a lead consistently enough to challenge the superb teamfighting and rotations coming out of UOL early in this split. Based on that, I predict UOL to take the series 2-1.

All stats are taken from



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